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 Go Healthy... and Feel Life
Experience the benefits of not using traditional tobacco products almost immediately. Just a few social factors include not being isolated from your family, children, friends and coworkers; not having a lingering odor of smoke on your clothes, hair, fingers, and breath; and not experiencing anxiety when attending a non-smoking function. The health benefits include not exposing yourself and your loved ones to harmful and carcinogenic second-hand smoke and enjoying a higher level of activity due to breathing better. 
 Go Green... and Save Money
Average Monthly Cost of Using an
Electronic Cigarette

Average Monthly Cost of Smoking Cigarettes
Based on the average monthly cost of using the EGO over a four-month period, plus one atomizer per month, five cartridges per month, and one 20ml bottle of e-liquid per month.
Based on the national average cost of one pack of cigarettes of $6.24.

EGO Starter Kit, $65 $16.25 One pack per day $187.20
One Atomizer $ 7.50

Five Cartridges $ 5.00 Two packs per day $374.40
One 20ml Bottle of E-Liquid $12.00

Total Average Monthly Cost $40.75

 Go Vapor... and Start Your Journey to a New You
Our products offer an electronic alternative to traditional smoking, without the smoke, tar, toxins, and odor. We carry only those products manufactured with the highest quality components, and our flavored oils are produced with a high-quality, organic ginger root oil or carrot seed oil base. Review our variety of starter kits and flavored e-liquids and get started today!  All orders ship within three days for a flat shipping and handling fee of $4.95. All orders over $99.00 qualify for free shipping. We offer a thirty (30) day warranty on any battery experiencing a manufacturer defect. All batteries are tested prior to shipping. To submit a warranty claim, please email us at
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